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Does Piano Marvel run on Android or Chromebook?

Chromebook and Android devices have limited options in Piano Marvel. Browsing the music library is available on Chromebook notebooks and Android tablets. Play along, scoring, and assessment features are not currently supported. Piano Marvel has plans to add more...

How do I unsubscribe?

1. Go to www.pianomarvel.com and click on the account login link at the top or go to https://pianomarvel.com/login 2. Once you are at the account login page enter your username and password to log in 3. Once you are logged in, click on your name in the upper right...

How can I create and manage a parent account?

Parent accounts are used by schools and large studios (Usually 25+ students) to set up and manage student accounts. Please contact Piano Marvel at 866-680-1290 or contactus@pianomarvel.com to get more information.

Can I link my students to my teacher account?

Music students can link their account to a teacher. This allows the teacher to view practice information such as scores, practice minutes, and other accomplishments in teacher reports. For security reasons, a teacher cannot link to a student account, but a...