Playback Info Bar


See Important Info As You Practice

The playback info bar helps you to stay focused on your goals and make the most of your practice time. Whether your a student or teacher the playback info bar provides an overview of helpful information to guide you as you practice.


Piece And Collection View

See what you’re playing at a glance. It’s easy to know what you or your student is playing, even in the middle of an exercise. Now you can see what books, bundles, songs or exercises you are working on without having to leave the music view.


Progress Scroll Bar

With the new scroll bar, you can track exactly where you are in the song doubling as a helpful visual indicator and an easy way to scroll through songs.


Playback Countdown Timer

In Prepare Mode, the Playback Countdown Timer will help you to see if you are keeping pace on songs and exercises. If you finish a piece before the clock hits zero  you are ready for Assessment Mode.

In Assess Mode, the clock will display how much time is left on the current song. This is helpful for teachers in group piano settings.



Progress Circle

The progress circle displays what percentage of the song you have completed and can also be viewed while doing an exercise. This is another helpful gadget for group piano teachers. The progress circle also helps students stay motivated as they practice challenging piano music.