Own a Piece and Give Back

a piano’s second life

Buy a piece of this piano today and help provide piano lessons to deserving people around the world who otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity. Piano Marvel will match the proceeds for this cause and help this piano live on through the music it inspires.

100% of proceeds will go to deserving recipients

Piano Marvel Artisans

Ashley Mills, Occupational Therapist by trade, and artist by nature, created these beautiful coasters which contain pieces of the Piano Unstrung piano. Mylee Garner, an 8th grader with a passion for music and art, joins Ashley in creating these artistic pieces.

Mission to Inspire

The Piano Unstrung Series was produced as a labor of love. Our mission at Piano Marvel is to inspire and motivate people, young and not so young, to learn to play the piano and to use their artistic gifts to make the world better.

Giving Back

We have experienced the opportunities and blessings that music brings to the lives it touches. Providing piano lessons to deserving people around the world will open doors and allow them to dream big.

The Story of a Piano

 Many hearts were touched by the beautiful music that escaped this baby grand piano throughout it’s lifetime. As the years went by, this beautiful instrument could no longer hold a tune. It had served its purpose and was being retired. We got word of this piano’s impending demise, and an idea began to form. We could give this piano a purpose and an opportunity to go out in a blaze of glory! Piano Unstrung, a four-part video series, was born. Not only was our intention to entertain and inspire other musicians to perform and bless others with their talents, but we also want to provide piano lessons and educational opportunities to those who would not otherwise have those opportunities. In essence, this piano will have a second life, a way to keep giving the gift of music.

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