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  • Learn songs on piano fast
  • Watch lesson videos over and over
  • Learn piano technique
  • Learn scales, chords and arpeggios
  • Learn to improve your musical performances
  • Learn music theory
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We’ve designed the Piano Master Series to show you how to play fun and exciting music in the shortest time possible. Each video is made by a professional piano teacher who will break the music down to help you learn and understand each song. Other piano lessons online only teach the basics and won’t help you understand what you are playing. The Piano Master Series is different. We’ve taken a powerful 3 step approach to teach you everything you need to know, and should know.

  1. You will learn each song by rote through watching your piano instructor’s hands on the keys. Each example is shown clearly and often repeated so you can follow along on your own piano. 
  2. Performance walkthroughs teach you how to perform your songs more musically.
  3. Theory walkthroughs discuss the music theory behind the music you are learning to play. Gain a better understanding of how music is written as you learn piano music that you love!

How will I Learn Piano Faster?

Because I said so!

Do I Need Piano Marvel to Learn With the Videos?

No, but yes.

Do I need a Piano Marvel subscription to access the Master Series Videos?


No. Heck no.

Will there be more videos added to the Piano Master Series? 


How Many videos are in the Piano Master Series?

Over 200 videos, or over 50 hours of glissandoy bliss.