Upload Sheet Music to Piano Marvel

Piano Marvel Music Library

Upload piano sheet music to Piano Marvel to learn any song on the piano!

Learn Virtually Any Song!

Only Piano Marvel makes it possible to upload music files to learn and practice in such a powerful way. Load your personal music files to your Piano Marvel account and let the fun begin! Use MIDI, Music XML, and audio files to create your own music learning journey today! For a technical overview of how to prepare and upload music files, read our music upload documentation.


Customize Your Curriculum

Great teachers not only know how to teach great music but also how to choose the right music for each student. Piano teachers, schools, and universities all over the world have customized learning for their students in Piano Marvel. Teachers can organize custom lessons into books and collections, then share them with their students. With over 10,000 pre-loaded songs and exercises to choose from, teachers can create lessons with endless possibilities to suit the learning needs of each class or individual student!


Custom Music Collections

Piano Marvel allows you to create music collections of any music you want!

Create Hybrid Lessons

With the ability to upload sheet music files, you can create collections of music that includes songs and exercises from Piano Marvel’s pre-loaded library and your song uploads. Organize these songs into chapters and place them in any order you like! Piano Marvel allows you to create sheet music collection for easy access on multiple devices on the cloud.


Share Your Music

Individuals and teachers can share their music and custom music collections with others. Teachers can even organize students into classes and share custom music collections with each of their classes. To get started, simply login to your Piano Marvel account, navigate to the library and look for the upload button.


Child Playing the Piano
Student using Piano Marvel

Learning to play music in smaller sections is often more efficient than trying to learn the enitre piece all at once. 

Learn Faster With Music Slicing

One of Piano Marvel’s best learning features is Music Slicing. With music slicing, you can select groups of measures and turn them into learning sections of your choosing. Separate left and right-hand parts to work out challenging sections, then combine them to practice left and right-hand coordination. You can also choose a custom tempo for each learning section, allowing you to work out challenging music at a slower tempo before moving on to full speed!


For technical details and instructions on how to prepare music upload files, please refer to our technical documentation.