How do I connect my MIDI cable?

A MIDI connection is required to use Piano Marvel in assessment mode which provides player feedback, scores, and progress tracking. There are currently three MIDI connection methods, a MIDI interface cable, a USB transfer cable or Bluetooth MIDI (Look at the Bluetooth MIDI title below for details). Your MIDI instrument may be compatible with one or all of these connection methods. You can order cables on our online store, if you don’t already have what you need.


If your instrument has a MIDI in and MIDI out port on it, you can use a MIDI interface cable for your MIDI connection. To connect the
cable properly:

  1. The MIDI “in” connector should connect to the “out” port, and the MIDI “out” connector should go to the “in” port. (Note that if you have an M-Audio MIDI interface cable, this is not the case)
  2. Please make sure that the USB end of your cable is securely connected to your computer or device and is not kinked.


If your MIDI instrument has a USB to host connection with the square USB connector, then you can use a USB transfer cable for your MIDI connection. This is also commonly referred to as a printer cable.



If you are using Piano Marvel with an iPad, you will need an adapter. If your iPad has the Lightning port, you will use an Apple branded Lightning Camera Adapter. If you have the latest iPad PRO, you will use an Apple USB C to USB A adapter.