There are multiple ways to practice a few measures without having to play through the entire piece. One way is to use the Learn mode, or slicings, in the piece. You can find these by clicking on the Learn button on the lower bar. You will see three options, Whole, Chopped, and Minced for many pieces (some pieces do not require all of the slicings, so not all slicings will be available on all pieces). The Whole will include the entire piece, as it sounds. The Chopped slicing will generally include smaller pieces, starting with 8 measures and working through the piece. Minced slicing will have the smallest portions, helping you to learn the piece in 4 measure sections. There will also be multiple tempos available in the slicings, so you can learn the piece more slowly and then increase to full speed.

The second way to select measures that you want to work on is available on iPhone, iPad, and the web app (for computers). When you are inside a piece and would like to practice a set of measures, but they do not correspond to a slicing already present for the piece, please click on the Mixer button in the lower right corner of the piece. On the left side of this box, you will see the start measure and start point and end measure and end point. The point would be the beat, so point one would be the first beat of the measure, and so on. You can select which measure and beat of the measure you want to start and stop on.

The third method of selecting measures to practice is only available on the web app, currently. You can use your mouse or click pad to highlight a section of the piece and then use Practice or Play mode to work on it. Don’t forget, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by email at [email protected]!!